Core Industries

Core Industries

Consumer Packaging Goods

ASW is your single source for prepping and moving product to market in a fast, accurate and secure manner. Strategically located within one day delivery to 60% of the U.S. market and 50% of the Canadian market, ASW is the fulfillment channel to the consumer packaged goods industry. read more


ASW specializes in high velocity / high throughput cross docking, kitting and fulfillment. Retailers value our ability to manage and move large, small, or complex volumes inventory in a fast, accurate and secure manner. We offer over 25 years demonstrating experience providing distribution services for THE leader in supply chain excellence. read more

Polymer and Chemicals

Suppliers, importers, resin compounders and manufacturers are implementing new lean processes and tools to drive continuous improvements through material handling of raw materials, resins and finished goods. ASW is the distribution channel to the Midwest with the ability to manage end-to-end processes for the polymer and chemical industries. read more

Energy and Utility

Energy and Utility companies are implementing new processes, tools and methodology that drives continuous improvement through technology innovation and material management planning. The operating groups are doing more work with less resources and continue to fall behind. ASW Global provides clients with unique processes, tools and resources to optimize the material management end-to-end processes. read more


We help the industrial sector avoid costly infrastructure as they adapt to changing customer schedules and demand planning. Operating in FTZ #181, ASW integrates with supply chain and operations staff to maximize service and minimize costs relating to distribution, transportation, light assembly and reverse more


In addition to the highlighted core industries, ASW works with and provides supply chain solutions for a variety of clients in different industries. Other industries we service include: Healthcare, Financial, and Automotive. Regardless of the industry, we work closely with our clients to provide them with the BEST solution. conatct us