Polymer and Specialty Chemicals

Polymer and Specialty Chemicals

Our polymer material and chemical handling operations are designed to provide cost-effective solutions to manufacturers, importers, suppliers and resin compounders. ASW can accommodate loads shipped by bulk hopper car, bulk trucks and containers; and products can be packed or repacked into octabins, super sacks, gaylords, valve bags, returnable containers, totes or drums. With the ability to manage end-to-end processes for the polymer and chemical industries ASW is THE distribution channel to the Midwest.

Distribution & Warehouse Management

  • 130+ Railcar Capacity
  • Daily Railcar Switches
  • Bulk Transloading
  • Quality Inspections
  • Storage Optimization
  • 500,000 Sq. Ft. Share Service Facility

Material Handling & Inventory Management

  • Packaging Stations with 130 Million Pounds Per Year Capacity
  • Material Planning & Scheduling
  • Inbound Hopper Car Management
  • Break Bulk Services
  • Product and Weight Verification

Specialty Services

  • Ability to Move Product from Bulk Hopper Car to Bulk Hopper Truck
  • Overflow Storage
  • Crisis Response
  • Customized Packing Solutions
  • 4PL Services

"Few in the industry would have duplicated their performance. Another plus, up and down the chain of command all were responsive and genuinely concerned with getting the resin out and packaged as instructed. A truly professional job."

Carl Myer

CM Polymers

Assess, Solve, Execute – Specialists in Polymer Material Handling

With more than 30 years of experience, the Gilchrist Polymer Center is one of the most well-known of ASW's divisions. We handle resins for all industries from automotive to toys. We assess each situation in order to design a solution that reduces the cost for getting product to market. Execution requires our ISO certified process skills as well as our expertise as warehouse and distribution specialists.

For one toy manufacturer ASW handled both the domestic and international handling of resins, saving the client significantly in raw material costs. For other brokers, our ability to warehouse and package ensures leveraging resin market pricing fluctuations. For another client, a rail accident created the risk of lost or contaminated product. We were able to set up a location to manage the recovery with minimal loss.

ASW's strategic location within one day transit to 60% of the US is optimal for Midwest regional distribution and for managing the inbound supply from the South and Southeast. ASW handles, manages, packages and moves polymers with best in class results.