ASW Global position on social responsibility

As an integral member of the end-to-end supply chain community, we strive to adapt to the interconnected network of our communities, contribute to the overall health of our environment and employees, and support programs that cultivate the leadership potential and overall quality of life skills of our underprivileged youth.

  • Business Values – our ethical standards
  • Diversity – our commitment to developing a diverse workforce and vendor base
  • Environment – our responsibility in reducing the carbon footprint
  • Community – our volunteer, civic responsibilities, mentorship and in-kind contributions

ASW's position on supply chain sustainability

Our sustainability mission is to assist our customers in achieving their economic, environment and social responsibility goals. Together with our employees, clients, and vendors we work to reduce the carbon footprint and minimize the environmental impact on today's community and future generations.

  • Designing custom recycling/recovery solutions for clients
  • Applying lean principles to reduce cost and waste
  • Working with Clients to implement collaborative distribution solutions to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Using technology to promote a paperless environment
  • Recycling materials which include glass, paper, metal, aluminum and plastics
  • Conducting network optimization to reduce waste
  • Installation of energy-efficient internal and external lighting
  • Utilizing electric powered lift trucks throughout all facilities
  • Managing safety and health initiative programs to keep employees healthy, happy and productive.
  • Serving the community through the Boys & Girls Club and other non-profit organizations