Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail

Consumer Packaged Goods - Retail

ASW specializes in high velocity/high throughput cross docking, kitting and fulfillment. Clients value our ability to manage and move large, small, or complex volumes of inventory in a fast accurate and secure manner. We offer over 30 years of demonstrated experience providing distribution services for THE leader in supply chain excellence. Whether a Fortune 1000 or a smaller business, our clients value our success to provide solutions achieving 99.9% inventory accuracy.

Distribution & Warehouse Management

  • Cross Docking
  • Contract/Public Warehousing
  • Reverse Logistics
  • De/Consolidation Containers
  • Collaborative Distribution
  • Overflow Storage/Disposal

Inventory Management & Fulfillment

  • Direct and Indirect Spend Material Management
  • Returns Management/Processing
  • Staging - New Store/Remodeling
  • Store Ready Pallets
  • Kitting
  • Internet Fulfillment
  • Mixed Packing
  • Black Friday/Seasonal Promotional Distribution
  • Workplace Apparel Programs

Specialty Services

  • Point of Purchase Programs
  • Stock Drop Programs
  • Promotional Product Procurement and Distribution
  • Display Building
  • Rollouts, Resets
  • Multi-packing/Co-packing
  • Back Room Replenishment

Assess, Solve, Execute – Specialists in Consumer Goods Distribution

With over 20+ years of experience in handling consumer packaged goods in a high velocity thru put environment to the retail industry, ASW leverages its knowledge and best in class processes to three specialized consumer goods markets: Pet Products, Health and Wellness, and Beauty and Personal Care.

For one client in the pet products market, ASW provides niche fulfillment and distribution to specialty retailers as well as to veterinarians around the U.S. For a health and wellness client, ASW established a consolidation distribution center that provides B2B and B2C fulfillment, as well as provides mixed packing and seasonal co-packing options services. For a client in the beauty and personal care market, ASW strategic location within one day transit to 60% of the US provided an optimal point for national distribution.

ASW's consistency in prepping and moving product to market in a fast, accurate and secure manner helps the consumer goods industry avoid costly infrastructure and delays in getting their product to market.


"We are thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and support of ASW as we continue to grow and experience change as a growing business."

Jonathan Soond

Operational Manager
Good Greens