Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

ASW's Energy Logistics and Distribution Management Group offers a lean engineering approach to assist clients in maximizing customer service while balancing corporate objectives to reduce costs, improve inventory accuracy and asset management recovery. ASW offers a Supply Chain Optimization Model© that was designed using "best in class" supply chain techniques, processes and metrics from multiple industries and applying the practices to the utility logistics processes. In addition to our Supply Chain Optimization and Transportation Management solutions for the utility industry, ASW also offers further integrated utility services which include:

Asset Management

  • Maintenance Repair Material
  • Capital Project Material Planning
  • Inventory Recovery

Logistics/Material Management

  • Material Consolidation Centers
  • Inventory Material Distribution
  • Inventory Management and Optimization
  • Warehouse and Cross Dock Management

Specialty Services

  • Pipe Storage and Delivery
  • Milk Run Deliveries
  • Project Material Kits
  • Meter Inspection and Recovery
  • Material Delivery Modeling

"The team delivered outstanding outcomes resulting in an efficient and sustainable process that set the stage for continuous improvement. We found substantial cost savings in warehousing, transportation, and material recover; drastically reduced the energy involved with shipping; and recycled the replaced parts."

Jeff Angeletti

Manager Operating Services
Dominion East Ohio

Assess, Solve, Execute – Specialists in Utility Logistics

ASW leverages its knowledge and experience in the Energy Industry to help utility companies redesign their distribution network and provide services such as meter replacement, recycling, pipe yard storage, and asset recovery.

For one gas utility client, ASW Global helped them develop a cost-effective and efficient solution to install Automated Meter Reading (AMR) equipment on 1.2 million customer meters. Utilizing our SCOM© ASW's team revamped the current logistics and distribution model used by the client, and established an Origin Distribution Center that would consolidate shipments and deliver in Milk Runs (TL's) to the operating facilities. In addition, ASW implemented a reverse logistics component that allowed for replaced meters to be recycled thus allowing the client to also meet their corporate "sustainability" goals. For a client in the electric industry, ASW established a reverse logistics “recycling” component for their street light and meter replacement program. In addition, ASW provided material recovery services for a client that was closing operations at one of its power generation plants.

As distinctive as each solution is for the utility industry, ASW consistently demonstrates an understanding of the market and its sensitivity to cost savings, safety requirements and customer value.