An Intern’s Experience

June 28, 2022

Throughout June, ASW participated in the 3rd year of the Wall Street Diversity Accelerator (WSDA) program. We were pleased to welcome Abdoul Moulma as an intern. Abdoul worked closely with Jonathan Thornton, Director of Quality & Compliance. Jonathan thought Abdoul did a terrific job interning. He asked Abdoul to reflect on his time with ASW and the WSDA.


ASW: What did you learn about the internship?
AM: This internship taught me a lot of new skills in Supply Chain Management and in Finance through the Wall Street Diversity Accelerator program. I enjoyed learning beside the Director of Quality and Compliance about the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) guiding principles, code of management practice and code specifications. I improved my problem-solving capability while attending safety committee meetings in which decisions are made by corrective or preventative actions in order to solve problems. I learned how to check the facility fire extinguishers and the eyewash. Moreover, I gained some finance skills through The Wall Street Diversity Accelerator by attending Zoom presentations from investment professionals on varying topics. These presentations included Q&A sessions, and provided the opportunity to analyze financial statements from public companies, such as their quarterly business description (10-Q form) and their annual audit report 10-K.


ASW: What did you enjoy about the internship?
AM: I enjoyed learning in a peaceful work environment with great people always open to help with anything I needed help with. For me, this internship is a blessing because I met new people with different backgrounds; have had a job and research experiences in Finance and Supply Chain Management; and appreciated the Director of Quality and Compliance’s consideration, guidance, help, encouragement, and time.


ASW: How has the internship shaped your thoughts on your career plans?
AM: The internship allowed me to have an understanding of the daily work of managers in the field of Supply Chain Management—to see how they solve problems and how they manage the work in order to satisfy the needs of their customers despite daily difficulties. This will allow me to apply what I have learned to a permanent job in the future and to improve my communication and leadership skills. This internship helped me develop good personal qualities and work habits that can be applied to my next role in any industry.