Statement from ASW CEO

ASW, an African-American owned company, promotes and encourages equality, diversity and inclusion and is a strong advocate for those values, especially when they are threatened. As CEO of ASW, I’m saddened by the tragic and unnecessary deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others like them. The outcry for accountability and change seen throughout our country is a glaring reminder of the ongoing struggle to create a truly equal and just America.

The difficult times we are experiencing as a nation have no simple solutions. My sincere hope is that we will work together and engage in the difficult discussions at home, at work, at church and in our communities that that will ultimately help bring an end to discrimination, privilege, and racism in America.

We believe our associates are our greatest strength and we are committed to providing an equal opportunity for them to succeed and share in the prosperity that should be afforded to every American.

-André Thornton